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CAR Part 5 Transition Ending Soon

Urgent: Check you have transitioned to a Part 61 Licence

If you have completed a flight review, licence test or gained a rating or endorsement recently, you probably are fine.
In 2014, CASA changed the licensing rules. In the last four years, many pilots have transitioned to the new rules (Part 61). If you haven’t been flying in the last two to four years, chances are that you never applied for a Part 61 licence. The transitional rules only apply until September this year. After that, nobody knows what CASA will get you to do to renew your licence.

What you should do

  1. Check your licence.
    • If it says “Part 61” on it, you are fine.
    • If you have a CAR 5 licence (credit card, little green book or six page A6-sized), you must:
  2. Fill in some forms:
    • Form 61-9TR is to transition you CAR 5 licence to Part 61. It costs nothing.
    • Form 61-9PIC is to give CASA a recent photo. If you haven’t given CASA a photo in the last ten years, you should complete this one, too.
  3. Keep flying
    • This is the most important step.

If you have any questions, please contact us.